Wills & Estates Lawyers


Preparing a Will is something that we all put off and don’t want to have to think about. Why leave what happens to you and your belongings after your death up to anyone else, the only way to ensure your wishes are reflected on your passing is to have a current Will in place.

Gleeson Klein Stegeman can assist you in the following areas:

  • Preparing a Will
  • Estate planning advice

Powers of Attorney

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were incapable of making your own decisions or, were incapacitated or, too ill or, were overseas and you could not attend to your own personal matters that concern you.

You should consider making a power of attorney for either your financial matters or for your personal matters (including your health care) or a power of attorney covering both matters.

Gleeson Klein Stegeman Lawyers can assist you with making the correct form of power of attorney.

Estate Administration

Having being appointed as an executor of an estate can be overwhelming when you need to attend to the administration of the deceased’s estate.

Wills and estates law covers what will happen to your assets in the event of your death, and other arrangements such as the care of your children. It also includes asset protection and generational change planning.

The emotional issues associated with these matters can be complex and hard to talk about, however we all have to deal with them at some time in their lives. We draw on our experience built up over decades of helping people just like you to construct an effective will, estate plan and offer advice on the legal and practical implications of your wishes.

We can ensure that your wishes are kept up to date, and in line with changes in your individual circumstances and the law. You can even appoint one of our Lawyers as executor of your will or trustee of your estate, to ensure your instructions are carried out professionally and compassionately.


We will cost-efficiently help you take the most effective steps to give you confidence in the future security of you and your family.

Gleeson Klein Stegeman Lawyers can reduce your stress and grief by providing assistance to you, as an Executor, with the administration of the estate and in particular the many responsibilities and numerous task involved in the administration process from the beginning to the finalisation of the estate.